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Bodysport Personal Training is a private personal training facility offering a personalized, friendly, no-nonsense environment for people to achieve their health and fitness goals by training with the best personal trainer Las Vegas has to offer you. You never have to worry about who’s checking you out or the meat market atmosphere of some of the big impersonal mega gyms. And you are held accountable because your success is our success. We care about you because you are more than just a number to us.Our principal service is personal training. Our programs are broken down into (click on each for description):

One-on-One Training Program

Partner Training Program

Revolution Group Circuit Training Program

Sport Specific Training Program

Our training programs and the personal trainer we can provide, are for people of all ages and physical abilities; professional, college and high school athletes, weekend warriors or deconditioned individuals wanting a better quality of life.



There many reasons to workout, but let’s be totally honest with ourselves. Most people workout so they look better in the mirror and Bodysport Personal Training will help you make that happen!


  • Increase levels of HDL or “good” cholesterol
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Promote healthy blood sugar levels, helping manage diabetes
  • Strengthen your joints and improve your mobility
  • Discover a Better Looking and Feeling You!
  • Improve your body composition by burning fat
  • Tone your muscles and give you a better shape
  • Increase your self esteem and self confidence
  • Increase the energy you have throughout the day

Read what the Mayo Clinic says about strength training here.

Knowing how to work out sensibly can be a bit of a challenge. Countless individuals start to workout for the above reasons only to give up because they get no results or hurt themselves. Give your chance the best chance for fitness success by signing up with us and investing in yourself today!!!

People like you are spending more and more money each year on weight loss products and programs – yet the obesity rate in America is climbing – not falling!! Doesn’t that seem a bit ironic to you? They need the best personal trainers Las Vegas has to offer.

Contact us and find out why so many people are failing at losing weight and getting in shape and how we can help you do something about it. If you’ve tried to lose weight and get healthier in the past and are looking for a personal trainer, Las Vegas has many. But none of them have the the success, knowledge and friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere that our private gym can give you.
Let us give you the best chance of success and help you achieve a higher level of fitness. Call, email or stop by today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION WORKOUT from the best personal trainers Las Vegas has to offer!